You can make the ‘world’ a better place…starting from the inside and out. 

Thank you for caring about the kind of difference you make in life, work, and relationships. Please keep reading because…

…we’re here to inspire , engage, equip, and support you. We want to serve as guides as you you explore your unique potential and purpose as a positive Difference Maker—personally or professionally.

Every decision, action, attitude, and underlying belief makes a difference—moving us either toward or away from our potential and purpose as a Difference Maker.

As a Difference Maker, it isn’t about the power, prestige, or scope of your opportunities. We’re not all destined to be a Martin Luther King, Mother Teresa, or Ghandi.
It’s about choosing to step more fully into your decisions as CEO of Self, Inc.. It’s about ‘owning’ your stuff, all of it—the good stuff, the hard stuff, the painful stuff.
It’s about taking responsibility for your choices (and we all make them all the time), and the impact of those decisions on Self and others and the ‘systems’ of which you are a part.
It’s about commiting to a life-long journey of the inner work of Self-leadership and personal development. Connecting meaningfully with Self, and with your preferred version of Source, God, Life Energy. Making decisions that are in service to you AND others. Seeking to do the right thing, in alignment with your unique FISC potential and purpose.

“You can make changes today that will make an important difference in your life (and in the life of others.) Just beginning to believe that you have more to contribute to family, friends, work, and the world than you are presently giving will shift your energy and your availability.”
(Quote from our upcoming book on Addictions)

Difference Makers Circle is in the business of helping you—personally or professionally—break free from the attitudes, addictions, or behaviours that hamper your DMQ (Difference Making Quotient.) We help you respond to the ‘push pull’ involved in life, work, or relationship transitions. We help you tap into the inherent strengths that are part of your ‘story’ and experience.

Why? So you can step more fully into your potential and purpose as a positive Difference Maker for Self, and the people and systems you care about…making the ‘world’ a better place.

How are we different than other businesses that offer self improvement or development products and services?

Unfortunately, it seems that many development products and programs are primarily focused on externals.  They don’t often explore the root causes. They are shallow and don’t explore the deeper aspects of the Self. We believe in a ‘both–and’ approach that includes a focus on inner/outer, Self/others, personal/professional, and immediate/long-term.

Our Self-leadership FISC™-based model helps clients take a deep dive into understanding dimensions of their Self that may have been forgotten or pushed away. It helps them learn more about their potential, and what they can do as CEO of Self, Inc.  to manage and develop their capacity to make a positive and lasting difference in service to Self and others.

[TIP: we encourage you to take your first steps as a Difference Maker and CEO of Self, Inc., by replacing the word ‘Self’ with your first name, e.g. Alex, Inc.]

We believe that the best, most transformative and sustaining approach to effective development involves a changed perspective—one that focuses both inside and out.

We believe that doing the ‘inner work’ of developing Self awareness, resiliency, confidence, happiness, and fulfillment, is key to making a positive difference, and making the ‘world’ a better place.

Personally, and professionally, we know that:

  • Even when you’re intentional about making a positive difference, there are times when you feel like you’re tripping over the same bumps in the road, or going backward not forward.
  • Personally or through observation, you have witnessed the damage done by someone who is not aware, or doesn’t care, that their ‘wake’ is hurting people and doing damage. You don’t want to be like that. You want to be part of the solution, the growing move that makes ‘life’ better, not worse.
  • If you’re like most people, you have some very important and rich inner resources that you have lost touch with or not yet discovered, uncovered, reclaimed, or developed. We can help with you with that.

We promise you will learn how to…

  • Link your Difference Making potential and purpose to your unique FISC™ (Facts, Influences, SoulDNA™, and Characters.)
  • Re-claim, discover, strengthen, and bring forth your ‘stronger points’.
  • Address your ‘weaker points’—attitudes, addictions, or behaviours that rear their ugly heads, internally or externally, at the most inconvenient times!
  • Find your ‘still point‘ so you can more quickly make corrections mid-course, regaining balance, grounding, and confidence, when you get ‘triggered’, thrown off, or fragmented by life, work, or relationships.

What we offer…

About Doug Lester and Cheryl LesterWho Are We? 

We, Doug Lester and Cheryl Lester, have been involved in helping people tap into their ‘best’ Self for a lot of years. As organizational leaders we were intentional about helping colleagues and staff thrive. As professional coaches, authors, speakers, and facilitators, we inspire, engage, equip, and support people on their Self development journey. We work with people who are in transition and are ready to take an active role in their own development process.  We work with people who are seeking meaning and purpose in their life, work, or relationships. We serve as guides and mentors to people who want to understand their barriers to wholeness. We work with people who want to help make the world a better place. Read more about our background, and what our client’s have to say about working with us. 

Our Book: 12 Steps of Self-LeadershipOur Book 

12 Steps of Self-Leadership: The Difference Maker’s Guide to Living and Leading on Purpose, was published in 2016. Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey, and the 12 Steps of Recovery program,  and many other experts, inspired us. Each ‘step’ (chapter) includes: a ‘Fast Track’ (for those who want the Coles Notes version); a ‘Foothold’ question that anchors the main concept of the Step; ‘Stepping Stones’ section that provides questions and actions designed to deepen the learning; then, ‘Travel Tips’ containing word of encouragement. 

Difference Makers BlogDifference Makers Blog

We’d love for you to read and share our blogs. Blogging is one of the ways we like to connect with people. Our blogs give us an opportunity to share bits of our own stories, learnings, challenges, frustrations, struggles, and successes.