’12 Steps of Self-Leadership: The Difference Maker’s Guide to Living and Leading on Purpose’

About Our Book – 12 Steps of Self-Leadership

12 Steps of Self-Leadership - Fast TrackSelf-leadership is about realizing the power and potential that is in you and everyone you meet. The world needs you now—in your imperfection and in the midst of your formative processes. You do make a difference. The important question is, “What kind of difference do you make?”
Each of the 12 Step chapters features a ‘Fast Track’ page where you can quickly get an ‘executive’ overview of the Step, plus a useful ‘Foothold’ question to help you begin to reflect on the chapter’s focus. When you’re ready, you can go deeper by working through the ‘Stepping Stones’ section found at the end of each 12 Step chapter. 

12 Steps of Self-Leadership will help you…

  • Shift  beliefs and behaviours that are hindering you or holding you back in life, work, or relationships
  • Clarify and leverage  strengths and natural skills and abilities
  • Increase your Difference Making Quotient™
  • Live and lead on purpose.

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