Difference Makers’ Manifesto

Difference Makers’ Manifesto

We are the courageous ones, the questioners, the dreamers
the explorers, the challengers, the dropouts, the seekers.

To us status quo is Latin for slow death.
We will not settle for win-lose zero-sum games and power politics.
We will create safe places where hearts and dreams are welcome.

We will leave the noisy debates and well-worn paths
and follow our souls and imaginations to new possibilities.
We will make our own way into a place of mystery and unlimited potential.

We choose to live and lead with total engagement
respecting diversity, with gratitude and creativity
embracing the freshness and vitality of the current moment.

Our WOW doesn’t have to be loud or showy because
we realize how much difference one small candle can make.
Sometimes our difference is subtle, quiet, and unnoticed by the masses.

We will love our struggles and our triumphs.
We will love our successes and our defeats.
We will love the people and opportunities in our lives.

We will live in the moment with openness and anticipation
leaning into the emerging future with hope and optimism.
We will stay nimble. We will stay curious. We will keep it fresh

We are committed to a life-long quest.
For us there is no finish line since
we will live on in spirit, hope, and courage
ever expanding ripples on the surface of reality.

We are the Difference Makers.

– Doug Lester, 2015