Books we’re currently working on…

Books we’re currently working on… (TBP in 2018)


12 Steps of Self-Leadership: The Addictions Edition. (to be published in 2018)

Here’s what one previewer said:

“I am completely sold on the idea of your new book and its potential. Completely. These folks need access to the sort of info you’re writing about but they cannot put their careers, families, and associations at risk by attending the meeting in the basement. Your book, as I understand it, will show them how to navigate from where they are to the next logical place and it will do so without the shaming or over-committing that occurs in too many rehab books and/or facilities. What an important contribution to a serious problem in our world today.” – K.B.

We invite you to explore a different way of thinking about addiction, ineffective coping, grief, potential, relationships, and joy. We will share from many years of personal experience and decades of teaching, coaching, interacting, and learning with family, friends, enemies, and hundreds of people who were seeking to experience life more fully.

We will help you increase awareness, develop new skills and attitudes, and point you toward further opportunities for growth and learning. Discovery is a lifelong process.

We invite you to begin a discovery quest — a hero’s journey.

The goal of your Discovery Process is knowing your Self more completely, becoming a more confident self-leader, and living with a new more vibrant sense of purpose.

You are an experiment of one. You can break free. Listen to your body and mind. Stay curious. There are answers. This book will show you how to move beyond your current use of drugs and alcohol to a more vibrant and Self-authored life.

SelfFISC: Help for when you have TOO much to lose and SO much to gain! (to be published in 2018)

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