‘SelfFISC’ – one of the new self-empowerment books we’re writing…

Self-Empowerment and Our Book-in-process – SelfFISC

Doug Lester working on a new book about self-empowerment.What is self-empowerment?

Self-empowerment is giving yourself the permission, authority, and power to make decisions, take actions, or perform certain functions.

Choosing self-empowerment is not selfish. Neither does it have to be self-centred.

At its best, self-empowerment generates healthier, more effective, and meaningful relationships starting with the relationship you have with yourself. By extenstion, it also increases your capacity to be more authentic and effective in your relationships with other people or living things.

How Do I Become Self-Empowered?

It begins with knowing yourself. Our FISC process offers you a new approach to helping you explore, develop, and manage the unique elements that are part of ‘you.’

You can learn how to live from a foundation of self-empowering skills, instead of disempowering beliefs, and habits, and defaults. Doing so is enriching. Being self-empowered strengthens you through the ability to general internal validation, instead of you being dependent upon external validation.

Being self-empowered means that your are in charge of powering and re-charging your personal power instead putting others in charge of that responsibility.

Self-empowerment helps you understand and embrace both the opportunities and challenges that are yours to own and manage. Taking ownership of ‘you’ generates many benefits. Your self-confidence will increase. You will be able to re-calibrate more quickly when you get ‘thrown off’, start to spin, or get hooked by old habits. You will also strengthen your capacity to leverage your potential as a positive difference maker. Decision-making will be enhanced. You will be more readily able to discern what actions are aligned with your unique purpose, and which ones aren’t.

But I’m not that ‘Special’

You may not feel or think that you’re particularly unique. Believe me, you are!

You may feel that you’ve reached the limits of your personal or professional development potential. You haven’t.

You may feel discouraged, believing that the old patterns of your relationships or behaviours cannot be shifted or changed. They can be.

You may have times when you wish you could show up more fully, effectively, or authentically in life, work, and relationships. You can.

You have TOO much to lose, and SO much to gain.

SelfFISC can help you overcome the patterns of thoughts, beliefs, assumptions, or behaviours that you have struggled with. It can help you learn how to live from a grounded place of Self-empowerment, and how to experience the joy and fulfillment that being self-empowered generates. You will learn how to make different, and more effective actions. You will learn how to manage circumstances, relationships, self-limiting beliefs, attitudes, addictive behaviours more skillfully that seem to be tripping you up again, and again—personally or professionally.

We know from personal and professional experience, that many people feel pushed, or pulled, toward finding meaning in their life, work, or relationships; but, they need help to understand and overcome ‘things’ that perpetually trip them up, destroy their joy or confidence, complicate relationships, or generally get in the way of reaching their dreams and potential.

In our first book, 12 Steps of Self-Leadership, we presented our FISC™—Facts, Influences, SoulDNA™, and Characters— model, a meaningful model and process for self-empowerment and development.That’s where the FISC process can help you discover what’s hampering you, as well as what you can learn to draw upon to strengthen you.

Our goal is to publish SelfFISC as an e-book sometime in the Spring of 2018…or sooner, if possible.

In the meantime, if you’d like to learn more, we encourage you to check out our first book. It’s available for online purchase in hardcover, paperback, and e-book formats through all major book distributors.