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Our Book 12 Steps of Self-Leadership

12 Steps of Self-Leadership: The Difference Maker's GuideOur book, 12 Steps of Self-leadership, is about taking ownership of ‘you’ and your difference making potential. It’s about stepping more fully into your role as CEO of Self, Inc. so you can learn how best to use your strengths, and manage your weaknesses, in service to Self, others, and the systems you’re involved in—personally or professionally.

Difference Making—real and lasting difference making—starts inside.

Our book, 12 Steps of Self-Leadership helps you take charge of the kind of difference you make in your life, work, and relationships. Each of the 12 Step chapters features a ‘Fast Track’ page—a ‘Coles Notes’ summary or ‘executive’ overview of the Step. Each Fast Track also includes a simple and useful ‘Foothold’ question to anchor the concept. For those that want to take their learning deeper, we’ve place ‘Stepping Stones’ sections at the end of chapter. Plus, each of the 12 Steps includes two or three encouragements we called ‘Travel Tips.’

12 Steps of Self-Leadership will help you…

  • Shift  beliefs and behaviours that are hindering you or holding you back in life, work, or relationships
  • Clarify and leverage  strengths and natural skills and abilities
  • Increase your Difference Making Quotient™ (DMQ™)
  • Learn how you can live and lead with more authenticity, confident, and purpose.


Professional Reviews by: Forward Clarion and Kirkus

Reader Reviews…

From: Meredith Bell.  President, Performance Support Systems, Inc., Hayes, VA USA

“The 12 Steps of Self-Leadership has all the elements that can help any motivated individual become a real Difference Maker in every aspect of life. The authors clearly map out the 12 steps necessary for oding theinner work that leads to genuine transformation. They incorporate the spiritual element without resorting to religion or dogma. There’s a gentle encouragement in the writing that invites you to go deeper than you’ve probably gone before in exploring and identifying what’s held you back in the past. The book appeals to different styles of readers by providing a succinct overview at the beginning of each chapter, with excellent questions and “stepping stones” (next actions) included at the end. In between is a wealth of information, stories and quotes to guide you about the particulars of each step. This is a comprehensive work that you don’t read once and put on the shelf. It’s a manual that your efer to often as you learn to step into your own greatness and live a life filled with purpose.”

From: Larry Larson. Certified Professional Counsellor & Psychotherapist, Recovery Centre for Addictions, Trauma and Families, Winnipeg, MB Canada

“This was an exciting read! I can imagine leaders from many facets of life moving out of stagnation into the refreshing breeze, and even winds of change, as they engage with this material. I know this is fruit produced out of the well tilled soil of your own lives and as such it has a clear ring of truth and authenticity. 

I love the fact that you have taken the “old, old, story” of the 12 Step Process and recast it into a modern day process and understanding of the stages of vibrant growth. I have worked with hundreds of individuals in the recovery process over the past 30 years and I would have no hesitation in recommending this book to those now at the stage of moving beyond abstinence to embrace their true human potential.” 

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What we’re working on now…

12 Steps of Self-Leadership: The Addictions Edition (2018). 

Doug Lester writingWe’re now working on our next book, 12 Steps of Self-Leadership: The Addictions Edition. It is based on the 12 Step framework we used in our first book. The Addictions Edition is being written specifically for people who are aware that addiction is an issue in their life. Whether it’s chocolate, shopping, alcohol or drugs. The book will contain encouragement, inspiration, teaching, and practical tactics. Things to help you address underlying issues that contribute to STERBS (short term energy releasing behaviours) and feed addictions.

Here are a few draft excerpts from the book:

We invite you to explore a different way of thinking about addiction, ineffective coping, grief, potential, relationships, and joy. We will share from many years of personal experience and decades of teaching, coaching, interacting, and learning with family, friends, enemies, and hundreds of people who were seeking to experience life more fully.

As Self-leadership specialists, we are not setting out to become experts in the many ways one can now alter mind and body through pharmaceuticals, alcohol and drugs. The details of your addiction don’t really matter. Our goal is to help bright, capable people whose lives have not yet been destroyed by their addictions find a new way of thinking about their inner lives and new skills to take effective action before it is too late.

We will help you increase awareness, develop new skills and attitudes, and point you toward further opportunities for growth and learning. Discovery is a lifelong process.

We invite you to begin a discovery quest — a hero’s journey.

The goal of your Discovery Process is knowing your Self more completely, becoming a more confident self-leader, and living with a new more vibrant sense of purpose.

We don’t want you to get sober. That sounds stern-faced and morbid. We want you to get vibrant. The goal of your discovery process is to know your Self more completely, to become a more confident Self-leader, and to live with a dynamic sense of purpose.

You are an experiment of one. You can break free. Listen to your body and mind. Stay curious. There are answers. This book will show you how to move beyond your current use of drugs and alcohol to a more vibrant and Self-authored life.”

Here’s what one Addictions issue previewer said:

“I am completely sold on the idea of your new book and its potential. Completely. …(people) need access to the sort of info you’re writing about but they cannot put their careers, families, and associations at risk by attending the meeting in the basement. Your book, as I understand it, will show them how to navigate from where they are to the next logical place and it will do so without the shaming or over-committing that occurs in too many rehab books and/or facilities. What an important contribution to a serious problem in our world today.” – K.B.

The goal is to publish the Addictions Edition eBook in 2018. The book will give readers a new way to understand those things that trigger choices. If not understood and managed effectively, choices that will continue to hamper them, and their difference making capacity in life, work, and relationships.

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