A Discovery Approach to Addiction

We think it is time for a very different way of looking at addiction.

If you are struggling you do not have to stay stuck.

We invite you to explore a different way of taking action on your addictions, trauma, coping, grief, potential, and relationships. No matter how many books you read, meetings you attend, conversations you have, or intentions you set, nothing will change until you do something more, different, or better than you’ve been doing.

We are not experts in substance abuse. Our expertise is in Self-leadership.

Over the last 50 years we have had many personal experiences with addiction in its many forms. We’ve sat down to Christmas dinners wondering if, and when, a family member would arrive. We have watched loved ones be consumed by a never-ending need for more of their drug of choice. We’ve attended too many funerals where addiction and isolation led to despair and tragedy. We are writing because we know it doesn’t have to be that way for you.

Through our coaching and learning we have developed a set of Steps that will help you. They will help you become more aware and more effective in life, work, and relationships. Ultimately the goal of our work is to help you live with increased awareness and effectiveness, making a positive difference for self and others.

The medical model states that addiction is a brain disease. We disagree. We believe addiction is primarily a soul dis-ease — a shrouding of your SoulDNA™ by the facts, influences, and inner characters of your life.

The irony is that the more successful you become the less sustainable a surface approach to life, work and relationships becomes. Rigid routines and constant distractions feud over your attention. Neither of these choices create any inner peace.

The Self-Leadership Discovery Approach is not quick or easy. It takes time to explore the underlying experiences and influences that have led you into the danger zone.

As you increase your awareness of the stress in your life and the ways you seek excitement or relief, you will begin to realize that many addictions are clean and sparkly but just as deadly as opioids. By looking inside, you will discover the many ways that addiction tricks all of us, and you, into trading pleasure for happiness.

First, let’s start with a simple definition of addiction. An addiction is any habit-forming behaviour that releases energy, relieves pain, and provides distraction, thereby reducing your awareness, effectiveness, and relationship with self and others.

Every addiction diminishes a person’s awareness and freedom. Some addictions are just a waste of time and money. Many have damaging effects on your health, wealth, and your personal and professional relationships.

The work of Self-leadership is to discover your essence and allow your inner light to shine. The goal is not to control your addiction, but to free your potential. That will lead you on a very different journey.

We invite you to begin a discovery quest so you can increase your capacity to be a positive difference maker for self and others.

By Doug Lester

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