Aha Moments

The ‘Universe’ is teaming with serendipities and learning opportunities—let’s call them aha moments.

As the days grow shorter and another annual cycle moves toward completion, the pace can seem frenetic as you try to balance all the plates related to yourself, your work, family, community, and friends. Early mornings, late nights, deadlines, and personal and professional opportunities and challenges cause weeks to slip by and life to be a blur.

Since this may seem chaotic, the thought of adding yet another thing to your to-do list may not appeal to you; but, hear me out.

While these ‘aha’ moments may be pleasant, gentle, or funny, they can also be painful, harsh, or sobering. They may come as fleeting thoughts as you travel to work, or they may jump off the page or screen of an advertisement. Aha moments can be stirred by a colleague’s comment, or show up after an angry outburst, or as you struggle to recover after a night of over indulging. They may manifest through a beautiful sunset, or a walk through the woods. They may bubble up during a family meal or through a warm hug with someone you care about.

In these brief lucid moments, embrace the invitation to be more fully present and engaged in your own life and the choices you make.

These numinous, illuminating moments cannot be summoned by silence or activity. They are gifts, and whispers of possibility, emotional fireflies, inviting you to live with more awareness, fulfilment, and intentionality.

Serendipitous ‘aha’ moments can inform your choices—choices that shape who you are or want to become. Use them as affirmations about the difference you can make in the world for your Self and for others.

Each ‘aha’ moment, and the choice it may inform, is part of the great unfolding of your life. The Universe is constantly expanding, evolving, and transforming, and invites you to participate. You are invited to show up fully and experience your own expansion, evolution, and transformation.  First of all, notice, then take steps to respond to ‘aha’ moments.

Make your experience even more meaningful by preserving those special ‘aha’ moments. Take note of the them through doodling, journaling, or by drawing something that represents the ‘aha’ moment. Take time to celebrate the ‘gift’. Reflect on how the ‘aha’ can help direct your attitudes and actions in life, work, and relationships.

Next time a serendipity or fleeting thought gives you a nudge to be more or do more, don’t ignore it. Accept it as a gift and pause and ponder as you say to yourself, “Aha!”

By Doug & Cheryl Lester

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