Investing in Yourself

Regardless of the size or structure of your business or organization the inner condition of the key decision-maker determines the vitality and effectiveness of the venture. Simply stated, every organization is the lengthened shadow of the leader.

You are the goose that is tasked with laying the golden eggs. The difference between you and Aesop’s fabled goose is that you live in choice. The way you invest in your emotional and relational well-being will determine your production and even more importantly your production capability.

It starts inside you. Are you in right relationship with yourself? Are you taking time to renew and refresh your heart and mind? Are you curious and enthusiastic or tired and discouraged? Your inner condition will affect your health, effectiveness, and outer relationships. The cold dark days of winter can be a time of inertia and discouragement, or inspiration and renewal.

Here are nine things you can do this year to make a difference in how you show up:

1. Watch what you ‘feed’ yourself. Avoid negative news, gossip, and despairing attitudes.

2. Make inspiration, wisdom, optimism, and laughing a big part of your ‘diet.’

3. Rest. Get at least 7 or 8 hours of sleep every night.

4. Reduce the time and energy you invest in people and projects that de-energize you.

5. Increase the time spent with people and projects that inspire and enliven you.

6. Identify, celebrate, and invest in the key people in your life.

7. Discover your areas of creative genius, e.g. painting, mechanics, carpentry, sculpting, cooking, music, etc.…, and bring more of ‘that’ into your life.

8. Go to trade shows, conferences and discover what’s new and exciting.

9. Begin and end each day with gratitude and positive thoughts.

The world is changing rapidly. There are many serious issues in politics, religion, business, and the environment. Anger, fear, aggression, and despair will continue to confront you every day. Life can be difficult at times and that isn’t about to change; however, you can change how you show up and how you handle life in the good and not so good times. You are a candle in the wind.

Invest in yourself and your ongoing growth and development. You do make a difference.

By Doug Lester

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