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Doug & Cheryl LesterDoug & Cheryl Lester

Doug and Cheryl are skilled facilitators and coaches who are known for their ability—separately and as a team—to inspire new thinking, challenge assumptions, create ‘safe space’, and help clients increase awareness and effectiveness in life, work, and relationships.

Doug Lester / Cheryl Lester

Clients—whether reading 12 Steps of Self-Leadership, participating in a Difference Makers Circle or Workshop, or working one-to-one with Doug or Cheryl as their coach—gain valuable insights about Self (and others), develop a deeper understanding of their unique potential and purpose, and perhaps most importantly, experience a deep sense of ‘coming home to Self.’

…work with the whole person…

What strikes me about Doug and Cheryl is that they work with the whole person, not just the parts and accessories. Confronting our fears, dreams, and inner child are as much a part of their leadership work as are the more traditional aims of coaching such as communications skills, visioning and setting goals. I would not hesitate to request their services again and I continue to be informed in my daily life by what I experienced over the course of a few days working with them.

Kenneth A. Bleyer, J.D, Ph.D

…playfulness and wisdom…

Doug and Cheryl’s unique blend of playfulness and wisdom creates the perfect environment for learning. They are professional, competent and engaging. I highly recommend their services.

Pastor Debra Nicholson-Elwell

Cheryl LesterOver the past 11 years, Cheryl has served as a mentor-coach, 'professional sounding board', and strategic partner—nationally to private individuals, and, internationally, to not-for-profit organizational leaders and managers from over 50 countries.

Clients quickly experience a safe 'space' in which they can talk about the most important opportunities and/or challenges—personally or professionally.

Cheryl embraces a 'Both / And' perspective, i.e. reflection/action; inner / outer; self / others; head / heart; spiritual / physical. She helps people learn how to 'explore and take ownership of' the richness and potential of their unique FISC™ (Facts, Influences, SoulDNA™, Characters) so that they can live and lead more fully, and on purpose...in service to Self, others, and the greater good.

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Doug LesterDoug has been coaching people from all walks of life since he completed Reality Therapy Certification in 1992.
Doug, with Cheryl’s help, wrote a guide book to equip and inspire people who want to make a difference for Self and others. 12 Steps of Self-Leadership: The Difference Maker’s Guide to Living and Leading on Purpose was published in 2016.
He listens with deep compassion and genuine understanding. His style is straight forward and practical yet deeply spiritual and always engaging inner awareness in service to effective living.
Doug offers coaching, teaching, speaking, circles and workshops that empower and equip other Difference Makers to live and lead with evolving levels of consciousness, intention, and effectiveness.

Read what Doug's clients say.