Doug & Cheryl LesterDoug & Cheryl Lester

Together, or separately, Doug and Cheryl are known for their ability to inspire, engage, challenge, and equip you. They help you look at things differently, more deeply, and from the inside-out.

Doug and Cheryl are both seasoned facilitators, and life-long students of both intra- and inter-personal dynamics. They love to help people break free from things that have held them back. They also love helping people discover new, meaningful, authentic, and purposeful ways to show up in life, work, and relationships.

Cheryl and Doug teach a Self-leadership Discovery approach to help you learn important Self-management skills. The resulting awareness and effectiveness have long-term applicability that factors into the role you play in managing your own internal ‘system’ AND making positive contributions to the external systems of which you are a part.

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Cheryl LesterOver the past 11 years, Cheryl has served as a mentor-coach, sounding board, and strategic partner nationally to private individuals, and, internationally, to not-for-profit organizational leaders and managers from over 50 countries.

Clients quickly experience a safe ‘space’ in which they can talk about the most important opportunities and/or challenges in their life, work, and/or relationships.

Cheryl embraces a ‘Both / And’ perspective, i.e. reflection/action; inner / outer; self / others; head / heart; spiritual / physical. She inspires people to ‘own’ the rich treasures in their FISC™ (Facts, Influences, SoulDNA™, Characters) so that they can live and lead more fully, and on purpose…in service to Self, others, and the greater good.

Read what Cheryl’s clients say.

The sessions I had together with Cheryl were of great value and relevance. There was enough time for getting to know each other and for building the ground for more in-depth dialogue. It was always an eye-to-eye conversation which resulted in mature and practical advise, but never pushed for certain directions. I felt very much respected for who I am and left each sessions very much encouraged and enriched. Thanks Cheryl!
Marc-Andre Hensel
Integrated Programmes Director
World Vision Lebanon

I had the honor of working with Cheryl as my coach. High professionalism, integrity, wisdom, care, tact, humbleness, shrewdness … all in one person. Sessions with Cheryl helped me hugely with my professional and personal growth and she earns my highest recommendation.
Hasmik Baghramyan
Regional Finance at World Vision

Six hours of coaching - is it enough to make a change? - as part of the NGL course, I had the chance to receive coaching from Cheryl, and those made life changing impact on both work and personal life. God gifts everyone with a potential, talents, and rarely people are able to recognize and use those effectively. Cheryl helped me to see myself from another angle, recognize my limitations, some of which baseless, and most importantly see the strengths. Surprisingly, within only 6 hours, she was able to infuse the trust, see where my strengths and potential are, believe in those abilities, apply some of the new practices and experience the quick wins. Thanks Cheryl for being such a high professional. I have to confess that during the 8 month NGL course, with the variety of teaching and learning methods, most of all I benefited from those 6 hours. Thanks Cheryl much for all your support, advise give.
Viktoria Sargsyan
Health Learning Hub Leader, World Vision International, Middle East, Eastern Europe Regional Office

I came to Cheryl seeking career guidance. After 27yrs in the same career, while successful I noticed my lack of passion I once had and yearned for something new. Cheryl is amazing!! I trusted her process and so grateful I did, the assessements were so much more insightful than I ever imagined and have had several AH HA moments since, Cheryl made me accountable, gently pushed my through the uncomfortable bits. I cannot praise Cheryl enough for her work with me! 5 stars all the way! Thank you Cheryl!
Victoria Baird
Image Branding Expert for Professional & Entrepreneurial Women/ Professional Speaker

A transformational and life changing experience for me! I wish and hope that everyone has a chance to go through such worthy experience.

Cheryl is very efficient, professional, and a wonderful soul/mind listener! Sessions contained substantial talks with a lot of reflective questions and analysis based on the 360 Leadership Circle Profile and other tools used. They all served to increase awareness in the personal and professional level, related to my weaknesses, skills, potentials and most importantly purpose in life.
Enormous thanks Cheryl for all your support!
Ridiona Stana
One Syria Response Child Protection Technical Advisor

I have found Cheryl as a coach absolutely extraordinary - professionally and personally. I loved the open approach to sessions and the way she gave me space to embrace the questions and explore answers from angles I had not considered before. It has been a privilege to work and learn from Cheryl and I will continue to seek her support in the future - insightful, thorough, challenging - in short, great value for money and time.
Catalina Buciu
Development Manager - Governments at CDP - Global environmental reporting system

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Doug LesterDoug has been coaching people from all walks of life since he completed Reality Therapy Certification in 1992.
Doug, with Cheryl’s help, wrote a guide book to equip and inspire people who want to make a difference for Self and others. 12 Steps of Self-Leadership: The Difference Maker’s Guide to Living and Leading on Purpose was published in 2016.
He listens with deep compassion and genuine understanding. His style is straight forward and practical yet deeply spiritual and always engaging inner awareness in service to effective living.
Doug offers coaching, teaching, speaking, circles and workshops that empower and equip other Difference Makers to live and lead with evolving levels of consciousness, intention, and effectiveness.

Read what Doug’s clients say.

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