FISC-al Responsibility

As governments, local and national, deal with fiscal responsibility individual leaders need to do the same.

Each of us has inherited an inner treasury. It contains unexplored gifts and possibilities. It may also contain legacy debts and deficits that need to be addressed.

As we studied and wrote about Self-leadership in our book, 12 Steps of Self-Leadership, we realized that the key to owning your life is exploring and owning who you are and where you come from.

Determining where you come from involves facing truths that have been pushed aside. It involves seeing the whole from multiple perspectives. It means returning to scenes that have been blurred by time. Like the ancient Eastern story of six blind men describing an elephant, every child in a family has a unique experience with each parent and with the family system as a whole. Even on the same day at a family gathering, a trip to the beach, a family argument, or illness, every child’s experience is different. Your family life and early family experiences have shaped your perspectives, attitudes, and your underlying beliefs about Self and others.

Your FISC is a unique treasury made up of the unique strengths, insights, skills, and perspectives that you have gained through the Facts, Influences, SoulDNA, and inner Characters in your experiential and psychic life.

In systems family thinking, it is the values and interaction patterns of a person’s family of origin that create internal tendencies which, if left unexamined, lead to internal conflict, enmeshment, and polarization that unconsciously impact your decision making and relationship skills.

At a deeper level your uniqueness is influenced through an energetic DNA that we have chosen to call your SoulDNA. You came into this world trailing stardust. You have an inner SoulDNA that has shaped and inspired you. As a child of the Universe you have been shaped by your experiences in the physical world while also being coaxed to be more and do more by the spiritual-emotional DNA of your inner life.

Just as our global community is populated with changing roles and dynamic diversity, the same is true inside you. You are not just a body with genetic coding or a pawn in a culture that shapes every belief and action. You have an inner community. Within you there are elements of the priest, healer, teacher, builder, farmer, planner, musician, artist, and entrepreneur, and the list goes on.  You are a complex human being with the ability to lead in many different ways, to learn, adapt, explore, create, and discover. Increasing your ability to lead needs to involve knowing and interacting with your inner Characters, the parts and voices that shape and inform.

Without inner awareness and the development of a conscious Self there will be outages, flare-ups, and disconnects that damage relationships, confuse you and those you want to be connected to, and cause you to be less than you could be. Unless you explore your strengths, weaknesses, and inner wisdom you will often live and lead on the surface of life and relationships rather than experience the inner riches you already possess.

FISC-al responsibility involves exploring who you are beneath the surface so that you can draw upon your inner strength and wisdom while becoming aware of the inner elements that need remediation.