DMC Coaching

DMC Coaching

Doug Lester coaching frog on benchIf you’re in transition and/or longing to find meaning and purpose in your life, work, or relationships, individual coaching can be a very important part of your journey. We will focus on ‘you’ because that’s what we do. You will gain valuable insights into some of the ‘big’ questions, like: Who are you? What’s possible? You will explore your potential. Discover what is yet untapped or under-utlized. You’ll apply your learning to making practical, informed decisions that move you in the direction of your desired future.

Cheryl Lester coaching a clientWhether your choose to work with Cheryl or Doug, you will receive skilled and personalized support. With their support you will learn how to integrate the inner and outer work of Self-leadership. You will gain more awareness, clarity, confidence, and fulfillment. You will increase your capacity as you learn and apply practical tactics to take control of your life…starting from the inside out.

To learn more about our coaching options, schedule a free, 30-minute, no-pressure consultation with either Cheryl or DougWe are committed to helping you:

Cheryl and Doug Lester - icon Travel Tips

  • deal with the ‘stuff’ that hampers you;
  • strengthen and utilize your specific ‘FISC’ assets;
  • step more fully into your unique power, potential, and purpose;
  • make your ‘world’ a better place for Self and others.