DMQ™ Quiz (free)

Are you a Difference Maker? Absolutely.

The important question is, “What kind of difference are you making?”

The DMQ™ (Difference Making Quotient™) Quiz will help you assess the nature of your ‘wake’ and take informed steps to increase your Difference Making Quotient™ in service to Self, others, and the greater good.

We encourage you to take the DMQ Quiz at the beginning of your Self-leadership quest, and then again along the journey, and after you finish working your way through our book, 12 Steps of Self-Leadership: A Difference Maker’s Guide to Living and Leading on Purpose.

You can do the Quiz as many times as you’d like. There is no charge, no limit.

The results of your Quiz will appear on your screen as soon as you have completed and submitted your answers.  Click on the image below to start.
DMQ Quiz